How to increase wealth in Pandemic ? Stock market for beginers -1

How to increase wealth in Pandemic ? Stock market for beginers. 

In recent time , it is very essential that we should have passive income source in situation such as pandemic. stock market can be your passive income ,you can earn money by investing in the good company.

As a beginneer we should have knowledge of stock market,basic terms, chart reading,indicator application etc. If you do regular investment through proper reasearch ,you can earn more than your regular income & you can join stock market as a full time investor or a traders.

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What is Share market ?

share means stake. When you buy shares by investing money in a company, you become a shareholder of that company. Where you become a partner of Profit Loss of that company. One special thing about this market is that you can start investing from 100 rupees, and when you wish, you can also sell the stock. The easier money is to be wished in share market, the easier money is also to be lost. So do not invest in share market without learning. So let's learn the terms of share market.
Day - The stock market day is Monday to Friday, besides the stock market is closed on the official holidays.

9.00 am to 9.15 am - This timing is also called pre opening session. It has 3 parts.

9.00 to 9.08 am - In this 8 minutes you can buy and sell your stock orders. If you have to change an order or cancel an order, then this session is for this only.

9.08 amto 9.12am - Orders placed in this session are matched, in this session you cannot cancel or change the order.

9.12am to 9.15am - This session is also known as buffer period.

9.15am to 3.30 -. This session is also known as normal trading session. In this session you can buy or sell your shares at any time. We also say that this is the right time for stock market.

3.30 pm to 3.40pm - This session calculates closing price.

3.40 pm to 4.00pm - This session is also called post opening session. In this session, if you buy or sell shares, you get them only at the closing price.

Both the pre opening session and the post opening session are in the cache.
bull-. When you are expecting a market or any stock to go up, it is also called bull market / bullish market. Market bull occurs when the market is bullish when a stock is overvalued.
Bear - When you are expecting a stock or market to go down, it is called bear market / bearish market. A market bear occurs when there are more people selling a stock then there is a market bear.

Squaring off - 

If you have bought a stock, you want to sell it, then in finance ki language, it is called squaring off, in easy language, then you can also ask to exit from any stock.

Crash - 
Due to any news, event, disaster or result, the market falls, it is called a crash.

Bonus share -

 Some companies give their shareholder a gift in bonus, who hold their shares for a long time.

Dividend - 
When a company gives part of its profit to the shareholder, it is called dividend. Some company gives cash or stock to its shareholder for free, if the company gives cash, it will be called cash dividend, if the company gives stock for free, it will be called stock dividend.

It is not necessary for every company to give dividend, it is the decision of the management of the company, whether it wants to give you dividend or not. If you want, you can save your money and also put it on your business.

Intraday - 
When you buy and sell shares between 9.15am and 3.30 pm, it is called intraday.

If you want any quantity of your stock today, sell it after tomorrow for two days, 6 months, 1 year or whenever you sell it is called dilivery.

 This is also called initial public offering. When a company is first listed on a stock exchange, and offers to the public, buy the shares of our company, it is called ipo.

Stock exchange - 
Where shares are sold and sold, it is called stock exchange. There are two main two stock exchanges in India. BSE and NSE

BSE -. 
Bombay stock exchange is situated in Mumbai. It is the 12th largest stock exchange in the world. BSE is an index. sensex

Sensex - 
Sensex has top 30 companies, BSE has more than 5500 companies registered, their movement is known to us by sensex.

NSE - 
national stock exchange which is the 10th largest stock exchange in the world. There are more than 1600 companies here. The index of the NSE is nifty.

Nifty - 

top 50 company comes in nifty, if you want to track bank, IT, small cap company, mid cap company, then you see nifty bank, nifty IT, nifty mid cap, nifty small cap Will be guessed

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