indian Govenment has taken revolutionary decision to change old Education scheme & introduce NEP 2020

Highlights of New education policy (NEP 2020)

indian Govenment has taken revolutionary decision to change old Education scheme & introduce NEP with vocational trainning.


New Education Policy was propelled on Wednesday, July 29. Prior, toward the evening the Union bureau affirmed the approach that expects to update the nation's education framework. Association Ministers for Information and Broadcasting (I&B)Prakash Javadekar and Human Resource Development (HRD) and Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, made the declaration on the NEP-2020. Prior on May 1, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had checked on the NEP-2020, for which draft was set up by a board of specialists drove by previous Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) boss K Kasturirangan. The NEP 2020 targets making "India a worldwide information superpower".

NEP 2020: More spotlight on professional investigations in school-level 

Each youngster to learn at any rate one livelihood and presented to a few more. 

Inspecting of significant professional artworks, for example, carpentry, electric work, metal work, cultivating, stoneware making, and so forth., as chose by States and nearby networks during Grades 6-8. 

By 2025, in any event half of students through the school and advanced education framework will have introduction to professional education 

A 10-day bagless period at some point during Grades 6-8 to understudy with nearby professional specialists, for example, craftsmen, cultivators, potters, specialists, and so forth.

Comparable entry level position chances to learn professional subjects to understudies all through Grades 6-12, including occasion periods. 

Professional courses through online mode will likewise be made accessible.. 

NIOS to grow top notch modules for Indian Sign Language 

NIOS will grow top notch modules to show Indian Sign Language, and to encourage other essential subjects utilizing Indian Sign Language. 

Pre-school segment in Kendriya Vidyalayas 

Pre-school segments covering at any rate one year of youth care and education will be added to Kendriya Vidyalayas and other elementary schools around the country, especially in hindered regions. 

NEP 2020: NCC wings in optional and higher auxiliary schools under Ministry of Defense 

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Defense, State Governments may empower opening NCC wings in their optional and higher auxiliary schools, incorporating those situated in innate overwhelmed regions 

NEP 2020: Free boarding offices in JNV 

Free boarding offices will be manufactured - coordinating the norm of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas especially for understudies who from socio-financially hindered foundations 

NEP 2020: Free boarding offices in JNV 

Free boarding offices will be manufactured - coordinating the norm of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas especially for understudies who from socio-financially impeded foundations 

NEP 2020: National Scholarship entry for SC, ST, OBC, SEDGs understudies to be extended 

Endeavors will be made to boost the value of understudies having a place with SC, ST, OBC, and different SEDGs. The National Scholarship Portal will be extended to help, encourage, and track the advancement of understudies accepting grants. Private HEIs will be urged to offer bigger quantities of free ships and grants to their understudies. 

NEP 2020: Minimum capability for educating - multi year incorporated B.Ed degree 

Another and extensive National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, NCFTE 2021, will be defined by the NCTE in conference with NCERT. By 2030, the base degree capability for instructing will be a 4-year coordinated B.Ed. degree .Stringent move will be made against unacceptable independent Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs). 

NEP 2020: HECI-Common administrative body for whole advanced education 

Advanced education Commission of India(HECI) will be set up as a solitary all-encompassing umbrella body the for whole advanced education, barring clinical and legitimate education. HECI to have four autonomous verticals - National Higher Education Regulatory Council (NHERC) for guideline, General Education Council (GEC ) for standard setting, Higher Education Grants Council (HEGC) for financing, and National Accreditation Council( NAC) for accreditation. 

NEP 2020: Various new arrangements for youngsters with inabilities 

Youngsters with inabilities will be empowered to completely take an interest in the ordinary tutoring process from the fundamental stage to advanced education, with help of teachers with cross incapacity preparing, asset focuses, facilities, assistive gadgets, proper innovation based instruments and other help components custom fitted to suit their necessities. Each state/area will be urged to set up "Bal Bhavans" as an extraordinary daytime life experience school, to partake in craftsmanship related, vocation related, and play-related exercises. Free school foundation can be utilized as Samajik Chetna Kendras 

NEP 2020: Education part to get 6% of GDP, prior it was 1.7% 

Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy tweeted, "I invite the new Education Policy of the Modi government. I had a conversation with the MoHD prior which I had tweeted. My recommendation was the Education must get 6% of GDP not the present 1.7%. This has been acknowledged in the new Policy. My congratulations." 

NEP 2020: Bag-less days empowered 

Bagless days will be empowered during the time for different sorts of improvement exercises including expressions, tests, sports, and professional specialties. 

NEP 2020: Three language learned by kids will be the decision of state, districts and understudies 

The three-language learned by kids will be the selections of States, districts, and of the understudies, insofar as in any event two of the three dialects are local to India. 

NEP 2020: Medium of guidance will be the nearby/local language 

At every possible opportunity, the mode of guidance until in any event Grade 5, however ideally till Grade 8 and past, will be the home language/primary language/neighborhood language/local language. 

NEP 2020: Indian Sign Language to be normalized the nation over 

Indian Sign Language (ISL) will be normalized the nation over, and National and State educational plan materials created, for use by understudies with hearing debilitation 

NEP 2020: No hard partition of streams for understudies 

Understudies will be given expanded adaptability and selection of subjects to contemplate, especially in auxiliary school - remembering subjects for physical education, expressions of the human experience and creates, and professional aptitudes 

There will be no hard partition among 'curricular', 'extracurricular', or 'co-curricular', among 'expressions', 'humanities', and 'sciences', or between 'professional' or 'scholarly' streams. 

Subjects, for example, physical education, expressions of the human experience and creates, and professional aptitudes, notwithstanding science, humanities, and arithmetic, will be fused all through the school educational program. 

Every one of the four phases of school education, may consider moving towards a semester or whatever other framework that permits the incorporation of shorter modules 

NEP 2020: Experiential learning in all stages 

Experiential learning will remember hands-for learning, expressions coordinated and sports-incorporated education, narrating based teaching method, among others, as standard instructional method . Homeroom exchanges will move, towards competency-based learning and education 

NEP 2020: Content will concentrate on thought, application, critical thinking 

The ordered substance will concentrate on key ideas, thoughts, applications, and critical thinking. Educating and learning will be led in an increasingly intelligent way 

New Education Policy 2020: Curriculum substance to be diminished 

Educational plan substance will be decreased in each subject to its center fundamentals, and make space for basic reasoning and progressively comprehensive, request based, revelation based, conversation based, and examination based learning. 

NEP 2020: NIOS, open schools to offer courses for grades 3,5 and 8 

NIOS and State Open Schools will likewise offer A, B and C levels that are proportional to Grades 3, 5, and 8 of the proper educational system; auxiliary education programs that are equal to Grades 10 and 12; professional education courses/projects; and grown-up proficiency and life-advancement programs. 

NEP 2020: Nutrition and wellbeing cards, ordinary wellbeing registration for school understudies 

The nourishment and wellbeing (counting psychological well-being) of kids will be tended to, through sound suppers and ordinary wellbeing registration, and wellbeing cards will be given to screen the equivalent. 

NEP 2020: National Mission on Foundation Literacy and Numeracy to be set up by MHRD 

A National Mission on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy will be set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) on need. 

NEP 2020: Early youth care and education educational plan (ECCEC) to be completed by MHRD, WCD, HFW, tribal affairs 

The arranging and execution of youth care and education educational program (ECCEC) will be done mutually by the Ministries of HRD, Women and Child Development (WCD), Health and Family Welfare (HFW), and Tribal Affairs. 

NEP 2020: Preparatory class Balavatika for kids underneath the age of 5 

Preceding the age of 5 each kid will move to a "Preliminary Class" or "Balavatika" (that is, before Class 1), which has an ECCE-qualified instructor. 

NEP 2020: Tech-based alternative for grown-up learning through applications, TV channels and so forth 

Quality innovation based alternatives for grown-up learning, for example, applications, online courses/modules, satellite-based TV stations, online books, and ICT-prepared libraries and Adult Education Centers, and so forth will be created. 

NEP 2020: Variable models for board tests - yearly, semester, particular tests 

Loads up may after some time likewise grow further feasible models of Board Exams, for example, - yearly/semester/measured Board Exams; offering all subjects starting with arithmetic, at two levels; two sections tests or target type and enlightening sort. 

NEP 2020: Importance of board test to be diminished, test can be directed two times every year 

So as to lessen the significance and worry of board test, test will be led in two parts: Objective and expressive. Test can be directed two times every year. Board test ought to advance information application instead of repetition learning, she included. 

NEP 2020: Coding to be instructed from class 6 onwards 

Understudies of class 6 and onwards will be shown coding in schools as a piece of 21st century abilities, school education secretary said. 

NEP 2020: E-content in provincial language 

There will e-content in territorial language separated from English and Hindi, said Khare. E courses to be in eight significant dialects not simply English and Hindi 

NEP 2020: New Pedagogical and curricular structure 

The surviving 10+2 structure in school education will be adjusted with another academic and curricular rebuilding of 5+3+3+4 covering ages 3-18. Right now, kids in the age gathering of 3-6 are not canvassed in the 10+2 structure as Class 1 starts at age 6. In the new 5+3+3+4 structure, a solid base of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) from age 3 is likewise included. 

NEP 2020: Multiple passage and leave program 

We focuses on half gross enrolment proportion by 2035. There will be various passage and leave choices for the individuals who wish to leave the course in the center. Their credits will be moved through Academic

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